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"1+1=3" Event Live Performance

February 2017, New York

Sound Visualization, Live Performance

Group Work

This is a live performance of music and sound visualization. I teamed up with musician Praise Proda, who is a talent from the Clive Davis School of Music, New York University.


February 2017, ITP "1+1=3" Event, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York

Group Members

Praise Proda

My Contributions

Creative Coding

Design Tools


Audio Interface


I cooperated with the musician Praise Proda. We decided to perform his song: Swing. This was the song with spirits of rebellion, hope and rebirth. So I used OSC to catch the live sound and visualize the sound with the form oriented curves to show the changeful emotions of the song. Moreover, I used the minim library to filter the beat of the song and used splatter to illustrate the tempo of the song, the red splatter also symbolized blood and revolution.

See codes from here

Visual Effects

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