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The Living Logo - Speak Your Mind

August 2019, New York

Interactive Website, Creative Coding, Data Visualization

Havas Worldwide


THE LIVING LOGO is the first 3D dynamic logo that to indicate the volume of the conversation about mental health. It is designed for the 2019 Mental Health Global Campaign.

The logo’s movement is inspired by mentally calming, organic motion. the more people pledge their support and take action, the more our logo will grow and become louder.


Team Members

Fernando Mattei

Stephen Cohrs

Danny Wang

My Contributions


Creative Coding






Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. In spite of this high number the world still treats mental health with utter silence. Governments and leaders have been ignoring and expecting the world to stay quiet.

Unlike other social causes like global warming there is no big celebrity or personality that advocates for mental health on a global scale giving people a voice, pressuring governments to take action and demanding more investment in mental health to reduce the number of suicides. 


We created the first LIVING LOGO to fight suicide. Designed to give people a voice and advocate for mental health towards global leaders it is feed by people's demands submitted through an online voice petition.

UFGMH - Speak Your Mind - WIP Logo+Petit
UFGMH - Speak Your Mind - WIP Logo+Petit

Design & Creative Coding

The logo is made up of lines that represent the different layers of the human mind, slowly opening up, with an organic feel and movement that’s designed to create a peaceful state of mind.

There are a few variables that we want to control of the logo, the gentle and dynamic movement of the logo, the vivid color fading patterns and progress, the number of pitches and lines, and also the varying stroke weight of the lines. In order to compare different parameters and explore these variables I built an website with a control panel that can easily manipulate these arguments. Please see the webpage here.

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