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Dancing Spring

March 2016, New York

Creative Coding, Interactive Drawing Game

Individual Work

Dancing Spring is a project for the class Nature of Code. I got the inspiration from my dream. I dreamed of the spring season in my hometown, the willow trees was singing in the gentle spring breeze while the cherry blossoms were dancing around. When I woke up, I just found I still stayed at my little room in New York's cold winter night. So I designed the game to miss the beautiful spring days in my hometown.

The whole project was developed in Javascript. People can drag or click to create their own paintings and enjoy the beautiful view of the spring in my hometown.


There are two elements in the project, one is the flower and the other is the leaf. There are some behaviors and moving principals for each type of the elements.


These photos were shot in Jiming Temple in Nanjing, China, the place that hundreds cherry trees will bloom flowers in the spring, the place of my hometown, the place in my dream.

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