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Lotus Love

Sep 2021, New York


Individual Work


This project is a personal exercise to experiment Unity3D VFX and shader graph.

Lotus VFX Breakdown



In order to have the diverse and smooth effect on the particles' size and lifetime, we calculate the distance between each particle and the original point, then remap the distance to set the size and lifetime. So it creates the feeling that particles far aways from the center will get smaller but live longer.



For Update Particle panel, we used the force components: Turbulence & VectorFieldForce. And we applied PerlinNoise to the intensity, drag and frequency of Turbulence to simulate the dynamic force. And for VectorFieldForce, we connected the particles' lifetime with the force's intensity and drag. So the particles will be affected stronger force when it lives longer.



For Output Particle panel, we set the orient to: Face Camera Position so the particles will always face to camera and be the circle. And use the particle distance combine a realtime Sin Wave number to set the hue and brightness of the particle's color. So the particle's color will change continuously according to it's distance and the time. You can play with it by disconnecting one or the other nodes of add, then you will see how the logic works.


Lotus Shader Graph Breakdown

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 12.32.55 AM.png
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