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Hamsa -- Asymmetrical Social in VR

October 2016, Boston

VR, Social Game, 3D Model

Group Work

Hamsa is an asymmetrical social experience utilizing Leap Motion and HTC vive. Two players are linked between virtual reality and the physical world, they try to communicate by using their specific function and create their own story between a giant hand and a small puppet character.

Hamsa was made during the 48-hour Reality, Virtually, Hackathon, hosted by MIT Media Lab.


2016 Exploring Future Reality, Viacom & New York Media Lab, New York, US

2016 The Reality, Virtually Hackathon, MIT Media Lab, Boston, US.

Group Members

Yun Li

Naichen Yang

Shangbo Chen

My Contributions


3D modeling

Design Tools


Leap Motion


We created three scenes to help the two players meet and interact. For the first scene, we set the story begin with the giant hands break the little puppet's home to make them meet in a surprising occasion.

We made an environment that was full of instruments in the second scene. The two players can play instruments and make music together.

Combing gestural control and freedom of movement in Vive, the two players can collaborate, compete and communicate in the magic world.

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