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Sound Emotion

May 2016, New York

Sound Visualization, Emotion Expression

Individual Work

This is a sound visualization project, it catches live sound and visualize the emotion of the sound according to the FFT analysis.

Singing is a way to express feelings. We can tell the emotion’s change through the changing of tone or pitch. With this program, you could see the mood changes through the sound visualization.


Sep 2016, New York Media Lab 16, Columbia University, New York, U.S

May 2016, ITP Spring Show, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York


Firstly, the user will hold the microphone to make the sound, the sound will be transferred to the computer and analyzed by the Pure Data to catch the main frequency and amplitude of the sound lively.

Then, the data of the sound will be sent to Processing through OSC. I wrote a Processing program that can generate the smooth flow field according to the amplitude and the beautiful flowers according to the frequency lively.

After the sound processing, the visualization will be projected to any screen through the MadMapper transform.

See codes from here

Visual Effects

User Test

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