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Wii Drum

December, 2018, New York 

Mixed Reality

Group Work With XinYao Wang

“Wii~Drum” is an mixed reality project that turn our daily objects into instruments. When user put on Magic Leap, the daily common objects will transform into music wonderlands with strange and cute creatures live on them. Every type of creature has its own characteristic and make its own sound or beat when the user interact with it. For example, the “Brrr” creature is sleepy and shy, it will be unhappy and make the “Brrr” sound when user hit the land and make them jump. The “Wii” creature is jumpy and active, they usually enjoy making noise unless user interact with them to make harmony melody.


3D Character Build

We used AfterEffect to build and rig the creatures models. Then we imported the 3D models into Unity and physics to prototype them.

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